Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking for a good stain? Try the STAINIAC

Do you hate seeing you lipstick all over your shirt collars, or beverages? Would you like a flushed look, while still looking natural? Tired of DRYING lipstains? Your in luck because I bring you....
the STAINIAC, by theBalm!!

The only lip stains I've tried are NYC, revlon and Victoria's secret Very sexy lip stain. I really don't like lip stains, because I swear, they all dry up so fast or change colors on me. The reason I bought this one is because, this is not the typical felt tip, scratchy, blotchy applicator. Its a doe foot applicator, which I don't love because when I run out, I will be hating it, but for now, it gives a good amount of product on each dip and its not messy at all.

The color is such a flattering color to all skin types, I presume. On me, if I want a darker hue, I just apply 2 coats instead of one. Being that my lips are already pretty pigmented, this is perfect for "my lips, but better" looks. A fond memory of me using lip stains every morning was when I had first started seeing my now-husband. It was quick easy, and lasted awhile(victoria's secret). I hated the applicator though, so I only used it till it dried up, and never repurchased it.

Because I tend to chew at my lips, I have overlooked lipstains, because they highlight imperfections on my lips. I will show in photos shortly.
The color that I picked is Beauty Queen. It is a deep raspberry color that is very loud in its container, but when blended, it is a red berry color.

Wait! You heard me, I said blended. It's that crazy that I said blended and was referring to a LIPSTAIN all in one sentence??!!!
That's right ladies, this isn't your typical lipstain. It is a gel based lipstain that gives enough time to blend. How unique is that?!

I applied this right before I went to the gym, and to my surprise it stayed put. Didn't bleed or fade much. I noticed that it did fade a bit because I do wipe my sweat with a towel when I work out and I forgot that I put this on. It didn't fade alot, just a hint. When I swatched it on the back of my hand, It stayed, until bedtime! I applied it at 11am.

Make-up alley 62 reviews

Many compared these to high end brand lip stains and still preferred this to them. Negative feed back was because it was overly bright, or didn't have enough shades for different skin colors.

FYI, I only post reviews on products that I believe need to have attention brought to them because they are great or to rant about them. This is a good lipstain and awesome formula but, maybe, if you have lips like mine, then I would suggest trying this as a blush instead, seeing as how, this highlights my skin chewing lips. GROSS. sorry.

nice natural look, but not an even all over color
applied and taken off after 6 seconds.
The above photo is when I applied it lightly, and took it off exactly 6 seconds later. You can see that in the middle, it was still drying, so it kind of look uneven in coloring. I think, if I left it sitting until it was totally dry, it would be even.

I haven't yet used this as a blusher, so I don't know for sure If I will be repurchasing, but going off what it looks like on my lips, I would say, yes, I will.
I hate having lipstick rims on my cups and it rubbing off on my shirts and everything else. My husband will probably appreciate that he doesn't have to worry about lipstick color on HIS lips when I kiss him.
I will update with a good photo of me wearing this as a blusher when I get the chance.

Would you rather wear a lipstick, or lipgloss?
Comment below!


  1. I have still yet to try a lip stain, maybe I'll give this one a shot.

    Your husband is probably like most guys, mine included, preferring if we went without it because of the transfer during kisses. lol


    1. I would try this one if you haven't yet. You won't need to try any after this because it works. And YES!!! My husband, HATES lipgloss and lipstick...on his lips :)

  2. I always find a lip stain to be drying so I always prefer having a lipstick instead :P I love the Becca lip and cheek tint though! Hope you're having a Happy New Year!

    1. I agree, usually they are very drying so that they soak in fast and last, but this one is pretty good. The thing I liked is that they also can be a cheek stain. Awesome motive for buying it! :) Hope your doing good too doll

  3. I've been considering buying this for ages so am so glad you did a post on it! I really like the fact you can blend it and it looks great on you.
    I love lipsticks and stains so think I may have to add this to the collection!

    1. Thank you. I will check out your blog too.


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