Saturday, December 24, 2011

Giveaway, sneek peek from ME!!!

I have scrambling doing tons of things, all before Christmas gets here. I mean seriously, I have barely even had time to type a post. I have a couple that I have already written, but I need to take photos of the products and swatches. As I had mentioned, I wanted to do a giveaway and I figured, why not include something in my latest haul?!!! So you can see swatches and I can tell you what I think!! What an amazing idea, right??? Like, instead of wondering if you should enter and Googling the products I'm giving away, I have them here for you to see.
Its all in the plan, baby!!!

I usually go with product reviews and raves before I even think about buying make-up, whether it be low cost, mid-range or high end....But this was a special case ladys!!! 
Im talkin', I saw these, and I had to have them! These are the ALMAY intense i-color light interplay technology. 
Woah! Long ass title, right?!
I initially picked up the trio for the greens, but the hazel trio was also calling my name. Don't worry, this works out for you too. You get to have both too!
It says to use, specifically for green eyes, and the other one is specifically for hazels, however, I feel, if I like the colors, I will still purchase it. They can't tell me what looks good with MY eye. I figure, for this giveaway, it will look great on any ones eye whether its blue, green or in-between.

Trio for Greens:
The palette for green eyes is such a great combination of colors and so popular already because I see this combo from other brands, that I knew I couldn't go wrong with getting it. It has a beautiful light chocolate brown with tons of shine, a golden olive green and a yellow champagne highlight shade. The only color that gave me problems by swatching, was the brown color because it was so sheer. I literally had to swatch about 4 times, just so it would show up. The green was perfect and the highlighter was swatched about 2 times because its a lighter color than the others. 

The packaging... clear acrylic cheap looking, no mirror and flimsy looking applicator. It doesn't really bother me because I didn't buy it so it can look expensive. The only thing that was getting on my nerves, was the fact that the pans are horizontal, not vertical, like I'm used to, so I had to swatch it side to side, instead of up and down. Maybe its just me...?
Did you also notice the little a's in the pans. How cute, right? I loved the details. :)
Seriously, I'm so glad I'm giving this one away, It is so gorgeous for day looks that won't look to dark, or for night when you can layer it up and bring out your inner vixen.

The hazel one won me over overall now because it swatches beautifully and the colors are afreakinmazing!!! Really, I actually bought four! One for me, the winner of my giveaway, my sister and my friend, because these are worth sharing.

Trio for Hazels
This trio is best for the smokey, going out eye. Its amped up alot more than the green trio. The colors are darker and better pigmented. They apply alittle dry, but not in a bad way.  Just not velvety like Im used to. That doesn't mean they aren't pigmented, its just a different formula. I really liked the black shade, because it is a matte formula. I swear, every eyeshadow that I come across in black, has some type of shimmer or glitter in it. I have been looking for a good matte black. I know carbon by MAC is supposed to be awesome, but I honestly, once in a blue moon go to the mall, so I'm not going to drive there just for one thing.

Did you also notice that I said these have highlighters, and the thing that amazes me, is that they are bigger than the darker colors, which leads me to believe that they are supposed to be used for highlighting..all over?
...Is it only my imagination?

 Both of these palettes are beautiful and seeing as how I've never bought from the Almay brand before, I am loving these little combos. 
Here is some pictures of our early Christmas get together, because my husband is working on Christmas, and I was going to be busy. We had it last night(friday) and It was pretty fun.

Can you spot our tree? LOL!!
Her own new sofa chair..AND it rocks back and forth!
Taken from my phone
I have no idea, what to include in my first giveaway, so bare with me! I might add more to this, but I wanted to keep it simple and not too big, since I will also be doing a 100 follower giveaway!! Check back because I will have the official post up in no time.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. the green trio looks so pretty! I haven't seen these before. Love your pictures. Your daughter is so cute! Merry Christmas girly!


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