Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Carlos by Carlos Santana: Provdience boots!

So usually, my husband loves to have tons of gifts under the tree for me.
However, I have been needing shoes/boots that cover my whole foot because of the cold and rainy weather in the forecast recently. So he bought these boots as a Christmas present and let me use them early! I am so happy! I need nothing else.
(except, I do still have a wishlist, posted a couple posts back. ;) lol.
Seriously though. I was looking for some taupe boots because brown is boring to me and black is too harsh(for me). 
About 2 months ago, before I lost 60 pounds, I bought some taupe boots, but at the store, naively, I only tried them on my left foot and they seemingly fit!
I got home, slipped both on, and the right wouldn't even go halfway up my calf. Wowza!
I figured, I'd lose weight so it wouldn't be a problem. Well there was a problem. I still needed boots and I didn't want to wait until I lost all the weight and my receipt expire and I still wouldn't be able to fit them. Fast forward a few months, and I'm so glad I waited for the right ones to come along!
Its only gotten rainy in the last couple days, so I'm glad I found these.

I have been noticing the worn look is hot right now for boots. I didn't really know if I liked it, but these are alittle more faded so that it doesn't show that much. Other brands I've seen are very obvious and kind of make it look tacky.
These have the perfect heel height. They are 2 and a half inches tall.
Its so funny because now, that's basically all I wear. Heels. I am used to wearing them now, because I love how they make you feel. Its so easy to slip on sneakers, but putting on heels, brings an outfit together. My husband and I are basically the same height, so when I wear these, I seriously tower over him. He loves it though..:)

The heel height is pretty tiny, because I'm used to wearing 5-6 inch heels. The taller the better! I love the sound heels make when walking. It sounds like: I mean BUSINESS!!
I know I'm silly, But even when I was little, hearing heels hitting the ground reminded me of business ladys.
The only accents it has is small click buttons, and some runching. The color is a gunmetal grey and it looks good with some blue skinny jeans and a white casual t-shirt.
 I wore these today to go pick up our holiday pictures at JCpenny and I have to say, they were amazingly comfortable. I got them a size bigger, just in case I wanted to add socks to them when it got really cold. I plan on taking these with me when we go visit family. I did slide around in them alittle bit because they are bigger than what Im used to but my feet found there spot and all was good. I also wanted to note, if you have big calves like me, these are a MUST!! I even told my sister about these, and she was super interested!. We both inherited big calves and these had even some extra room. I love these and will use them for years to come.
The last picture shows the little flaps so that you can have a good grip pulling them on...I didn't even notice it till I started taking pics!
They retail for about $130 if your interested. You can find them on or

(Description from

Product Description
Rock out in sexy chic style with the Carlos by Carlos Santana Providence boots. Features a faux leather upper, slouchy shaft detail, decorative metal button embellishments, side pull tabs for easy slip-on construction, smooth lining, a cushioning insole and a traction outsole.
Heel Height:
2 1/2"
Shaft Height:
13" (size 9)
12" (size 9)
True to Size
Here is some of our holiday pics! I love how they came out, even though Olivia was crying.
I can't wait till Christmas! Can you!? I love Family time.


  1. I love the boots. They are so cute. Your family portraits are cute as well. You have a beautiful little family.

  2. What!? the heels on those boots are NOT high enough compared to the other shoes of yours i've seen! Haha! Never the less, they're super cutr! Love the accents and color! I love the pictures,beautiful family!

  3. awwwwww what lovely family sapshots =) xxx

  4. what a cute family photo!! kids are so unpredictable, you can never guarantee they'll be smiling, haha. the boots look like they can get a lot of use! :)

  5. @ Brandy, thanks brandy. They are cute and ocnfortable. I have been wearing them when every I go anywhere! They dont make me look like I have super cankles either!
    @ bori, yeah. You saw my closet! these are tiny in comparison.
    @ TzeyYien. Thanks beautiful! :)
    @ Janine, you are right on the money! I swear, last time we took pics, she was a MODEL! This time? She didn't even want us to put her down. And yes, the boots have already got tons of use!


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