Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bare Minerals eyecolor shadows-Rocker eye

Recently, I was thinking about how I have tons of make-up and really love when I used to really love something, but I forgot about it and I find it again! Don't you love that? Well that is the case with these three lovely shadows.
Top to bottom: black leather, rock star and 1980's eyecolor.

The main one I would like to rave about is black leather. Man, when you want pigmentation, and pop of black, this is it! This is such a deep dark color that the specks of glitter in it, completely seal the deal. I use this as a liner because it is just that. A liner or eyeshadow. Take your pick.
HOWEVER!!!....I don't always use it for a liner because fall out under my eyes all day is a no-no and at work, I can't check my face every minute to see if particles fell off. Thats the only bad thing I have to say about this eyeshadow. It is great for color and intensity but sucks for being a liner.
Next up, is Rock star. My second favorite because of it's intensity. The color is a dark dark grey, I'd say almost black with tons of little silver flecks. The payoff color on this is awesome as well. Because black leather is a liner and eyeshadow, Rock star doesn't quite stick to the skin like black leather does. Rock star is a more lighter formula that is best for eyeshadow but you can probably also use for a liner. I haven't yet but maybe I might. 
Last is the 1980's eyecolor. My least favorite, but only because compared to these other two, it is almost boring. I do like that it is a taupe/grey color and that it can blend extremely well. I have tons left and I won't need more for a while now.
I used Hard Candy sheer envy for the primer all over my hand and then applied each shadow
LtoR: black leather, rock star, and 1980's.
The kit also came with a blending and smudge brush. The smudge end I don't use at all, but the blending is a must have for me. I use it for my lower lash line and it is a wonderful brush out of all my blending brushes. It is precise when you need it to be, but it can smudge just as great as the other end. I use this every time I apply my eyeshadow.

What do you think? Aren't these gorgeous colors? I love that you can use them as eye shadows and liners. What's your favorite?
Oh, and for the ladies that gave me suggestions on the hair color, I picked a dark mohongany brown. I actually had to redo it today because some spots looked like leopard spots. My salon dresser is super nice and funny. 
 lol, my friend said I looked like I was mean muggin, but it was the sun's fault, I swear!!! :)

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  1. I love the colors. I love how they have shimmer to! so pretty btw here is my comment in re: to the brush on my blog
    "The foundation doesn't get soaked up, it transfers onto my skin very well. I just dab the brush into the foundation I pour into my palm of my hand and I quick dab that way to much doesn't get put onto the brush. Then I just blot the brush all over my face. It gives me the same coverage if I had been using a sponge to apply it :)"

  2. these colors are amazing, i love your blog is so cool n i enjoyed it, i decided to follow you much love xoxo


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