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TheBalm Haul!!

You ever find a product that you can't live without? I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. Your go-to eyeshadow shade or lipstick. What's even more impressing to me, is when you find something that you LOVE, is finding a whole BRAND that you love. A brand that is dependable and won't disappoint. I would call my no-disappointment brand: theBalm. 
I am referring to how much I love it, cause its the bomb! But also the brand TheBalm! :D
I first fell in love with TheBalm when I ran into it at Tjmaxx. My review on Shady lady Vol 2 is here!
Sadly, I didn't get these for that inexpensive, but these palettes pay for themselves.

   Shady Lady Vol 1. descriptions:
 What it is: A color palette of shadows and shadow liners that provides endless options for the eyes. What it does: Let your inner artist run wild with this tray full of Shady Lady shadows. 
From the subtle to the bold, the sheer to the opaque, swish your brush and create a new masterpiece with each application. Featuring 9 shades tucked inside a Leopard print package, this palette is a treat for the eyes in more ways than one.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Phthalates- GMOs- Triclosan.
What else you need to know:Use it wet or dry as both an eyeshadow and shadow liner.
(description courtesy of

Meet Matte descriptions:
A shadow palette that will meet all of your matte needs! The nine shadows found in this compact palette (named after our favorite Matthews next door) can be combined to create a multitude of soft and wearable looks. In the daytime, choose more neutral shades to seamlessly blend together, enhance your eyes, and compliment your complexion. In the evening, create a sultry, smoky eye by concentrating the velvety, rich colors at the lash line and blend towards the crease. Meet Matt(e) offers the best in matte color, versatility, and convenience. Meet Matt(e) is the perfect portable size. This palette can be easily tucked into a makeup bag for the gym, in the top drawer of your desk, or even the tiniest evening clutch. You can take him anywhere! 
(description courtesy of

So, because of my encounter with TheBalm at Tjmaxx last time, I went searching for more. 
Of course, couldn't find any. I'm absolutely kicking myself that I didn't pick up hot mama and frat boy when I had the chance!! (snaps fingers) Geez louis!
 It wasn't hard for me to part with my money on these gems though. I expected excellent pigments and that's what I got, for the most part anyways. My first review will be on theBalm's Shady Lady Vol 1.

I have a habit of swatching right after I buy anything. Especially in the car.
I just can't wait to see what they actually look like. lol. I guess another weird thing about me.

Shady lady VOL 1:
caught in the act courtney: dark chocolate brown with tons of gold glitters. I mentioned in the vol2 review that this was the main reason for getting this palette. I use it basically every time I do my make-up. 
shameless shana: warm copper color. no glitter, but lots of shimmer. I would use this for a base color.
luscious lani: frosty nude peach. Similar to devilish danielle but slightly more pink with blue undertones
jelouse jordana: deep foresty green with lots of shimmer. This is a beautiful color for making the eyes pop without being over dramatic.
risque renee: deep navy blue. has hints of purple in there.
curvy cami: had to swatch a third time because the pigment was not all there. Very soft so you have to be careful not to press too hard. this color is a warm plum.
jet-setting jennifer: I actually might have to replace this for my albatross dupe post. This is very very similar and beautiful all the same. this is a champagne color with a golden shine.
all about alex: a gorgeous olive green. has a golden over color to it. I love this one personally.:)
easy wheezie: it has a metalic metal grey color mostly. think of steel hulls of ships.

I love the convenient light weight packaging and also that it has a HUGE mirror! It doesn't have a brush but I don't need one. It closes by a magnetic magnet and seriously holds up well in my purse.
Next up is theBalm's Meet matte:

The packaging on Meet matte is very tiny compared to the shady lady palettes. It also has smaller eyeshadow pans but it comes with a two sided brush, so I guess that makes up for the difference? anywho...on to the swatches and descriptions..

Meet Matte palette:
matt smith: a cream white. Perfect for the eyebrow bone.
matt gallagher: a warm milky brown. all over the eyelid is the best use for this one
matt ramirez: dark chocolate brown. use for the crease in the eyelid or the V.
matt mcdonald: gunmetal grey. hints of blue undertones.
matt horowitz: reminds me of denim blue.
matt chung: soft cream white. Almost looks like a light pink, but when applied. it looks white
matt batali: dark purple. i'd say imagine a plum without the red undertones
matt schilling: light teal, green undertones.
matt patel: dark taupe, looks like a light brown but has warmer than brown.

This palette I thought would be ideal for me but sadly wasn't what I was expecting. It wasn't as pigmented as my shady lady's VOL 1, and applied chalky with the lighter colors. However I will use it for my eyelid base as I did today. It has some pretty colors and for that, I am glad I got it.

I also got the Betty Lou Manizer, so I will take some photo's and add later tonight.
We actually just got back from have our holiday photos taken so I can't wait to get them in a couple weeks and send them out. Here's what my make-up looked like using the meet matte palette and shady lady vol 2. I also used loreal HIP 914 intrepid.

I wanted a smokey look but not too dark. You gotta be careful for the professional cameras flash. :)
Look at this beautiful TASHA bracelet I wore. I love IT!! get it here!

Crystal embellishments and milgrain texture offers vintage style on a honeycomb-patterned bangle.
-Hinge closure.
-Approx. inner circumference: 7 1/2".
-Approx. width: 1".
-Base metal/silvertone, goldtone or hematite plating/Czech crystals.
-By Tasha; imported.

 Okay, so thanks for reading and hope you guys are enjoying your holidays. I can't believe Christmas is almost here and then the new year.
Also a update on my weight lose, I've lost 60 pounds!! I know! CRAZY! I feel way better and its all thanks to dedication and hard work. I still have a little bit to go to get to my pre-preggo weight. but If I stayed at this weight, I would actually be content.
I love my hips. and whats even better, my husband does too! Haha. That's it ladies. Until next time. :)

Own any of these products? What do you think of them? 
Comment below!


  1. I don't own any of these products but the Shady Lady eye shadows look very nice! Also, I really love your hair color. :)

  2. I love the colors in shady lady! soo pretty and the bracelet is gorgeous!

  3. Ohhh, I want both of these. They are so pretty! My first thing from them was the Muppets palette, I want more stuff from them now! You look beautiful btw!

  4. Pretty colors! And you are gorgeous doll! xx -Taj

  5. Thanks Dani! I love it too!
    @ pink glam. I know, I am in love with the shady lady's. the matte? not so much.
    @ miranda, Thank you miranda. The muppets palette looks so cute! I would recoomend thebalm 100 percent.
    @ taj, thank you babe, you are too! I love your blog!

  6. So did u check out the other day.when they were selling it? Youre looking gorgeous doll!!!7

  7. you look gorgeous and really loving your hair color! thanks for the swatches xo

  8. You look so pretty! These palettes look amazing!

  9. you look so gorgeous, love those palettes
    You have a great blog too:)

    Come and check out our blog too and share your though;)

    H&C from Amsterdam

  10. @ bori, I never did because it said I have to sign up and I havent had the time to. :(
    @ Andee Layne, Thanks babe, You are the MOST BEAUTIFUL pregnant woman I have ever seen! Seriously, You look amazing!
    @ polaberry, I know. They ARE amazing!
    @ sisters and sisters, Thanks hunn, I love em too. and I will check it out. Thank you.


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