Thursday, December 15, 2011

Are you a Manizer? Its theBalm!

I always love a good bronzer. Usually I shy away from shimmery or sparkly bronzer because I like to contour the ISH out of my face. lol. Like I will put some under my chin line, my cheek hallows, and my forehead sides. However, I have never really owned a bronzer that is tan but also has shimmer, So this was definitely a first for me.
I was really wanting the Luminizer which is the sister product to this, Its a highlighter because you know me....I LOVE highlighters!
But sadly they were out, so I got the next best thing, which was the bronzer!

I wasn't really expecting much out of this bronzer, simply because I had never really been attracted to shimmery bronzers, so I had no idea what to expect. It looked pretty in the pan but not really much else. When I swatched it, still unconvinced, I noticed it had tons of gold sparkles in it that looked radiant on my hand, and when I applied it????!! Man! It made my skin sing!
Applying it was a breeze. It almost felt wet! It also gave the appearance that I had a applied a cream bronzer.  Thats how much it blended into my skin. Not dusty or dry at all. Just a swipe along your cheekbones and your set!

I most likely will be reaching for this more often now that I actually wore it for the first time. I will still use my contour bronzer but this will be for if I need to add life to my face.

Product Description from
What it is:A silky smooth pressed powder that can be used as a bronzer, eye shadow, and all-over shimmer.
What it does: This all-in-one bronzer, shadow, and shimmer uses mica to diffuse light so your skin looks softer and younger while adding subtle warmth. The oil-free formula can be layered on your lids for a luxe look, swept on your cheeks for a radiant glow, or used as an all-over finish before heading out for the night. 
What it is formulated WITHOUT:- Parabens- Sulfates- Synthetic Fragrances- Synthetic Dyes- Phthalates- GMOs- Triclosan 
What else you need to know: The powder comes in a sleek mirrored compact for easy transport.

The application of this bronzer is so so soooo creamy and easy to apply. Not dry or cakey at all. Like I mentioned before, it almost reminded me of a cream blush, the way it looked on my skin. It has a lot of product (0.3 oz) and I believe I will have this for some time to come. You really barely need a tap, but if your like me, I love seeing the blush on my cheeks and not just a barely there hint of it. 
The only cons I would say is that it is pretty expensive (I got mine from Amazon for 23 dollars and free shipping). I mean, 4 more dollars and I could have gotten a NARS blush...
Also, the packaging is quite cheap. Cheap as in, I bought this maybe 2 weeks ago and the pan is already separated from the bottom. What a epic fail! Seriously, I dont really care cause I can use super glue and it will be fine, But I really never even play with it so I'm surprised it fell apart so easily.
All in all, I would recommend this bronzer. It will probably last a while. Big PLUS!
 Woot WOott!!!
Hope you liked this review. Thanks for reading!


  1. the bronzer looks great! your eyes are sooo pretty!

  2. Thanks babe, and you should be so lucky too! You have blue pretty eyes!

  3. I got this at tjmaxx and was also looking for the highlighter. It looks great on you!

  4. Aw shucks!! I got mine off amazon for 23 bucks. Remember, I told you how jelouse I was that you found it!?? lol. Yeah, I scoured the tjmaxx that I found shady lady at...but I could'nt find anything! I should've picked up all those blushes when I had the chance! Darn it!

  5. Beautiful!!
    I gave you the Versatile blogger award! Check out this post to get more info =)

  6. lol yea I remember you telling me, well you never know tjmaxx might stock up on more makeup soon. They always have great stuff. Oh and to have the other post under you posts google Link Within, it is a gadget, and is very easy to use. Hope you can find it.

  7. You look like you are glowing! It's beautiful! Great review too!
    We just found your blog and we are now following you. :-)
    We'd love for you to stop by our blog and check us out and enter our last giveaway of the year...Hello Kitty:

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  8. Your skin look stunning and I love your lip gloss color. You look beautiful.


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