Monday, November 28, 2011

Secret Santa..shhhh.

I was so excited to involve myself in a secret santa through one of the girls that follows me. If you don't know what secret santa is, it usually consists of more than 3 people and each person gets a name of another person in the group to buy a gift for. You buy the gift for that person you have been assigned and it's a secret because that's the whole point. 
In this case, a whole bunch of beauty bloggers and myself are all in it to share beauty/gifts from around the world. You email the main leader, this case being melina's Only a flight away's blog and give a few facts about what you like. There is a $10 minimum in the gift giving products so that it can be fair to everyone involved. I thought this was so cool because I used to do this at Young women's and it was pretty fun guessing who got you what and what you would get and also, you get things from another part of the world. Probably from where you have never even visited before.
Sorry to say, the deadline for entry is closed but I will be sure to share what I get when it arrives. They wanted to do it before Christmas so that everyone can have their package by then.
I plan on including a product I use in my everyday make-up routine and something that they have hinted they wanted in the email.
If your at all interested in the person(melina) who started this santa giveway check out the lovely blog   here!

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