Monday, November 28, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Plum seduction

This color really caught my eye as I was wondering the makeup aisle lost and cold....
Jk. Jk.
Buuut, It really did call my attention enough for me to pick it up and place it in my cart.

I wanted a purple-y color that would be good for fall and I don't have this color so I thought I'd give it a go. It almost looks neon in the pictures, but it really is more of a maroon color. So here we are.
Excuse the bubbles.
The application is very smooth, like all the Revlon nail polishes I have tried in the past. It is not too thick, maybe a tiny bit watery, but it thickens as you apply to each nail. The thing I really did love about this polish and all Revlon to be exact, is that they really do dry fast. Having a baby, I need the time I put into something, to count. That's why I have grown fond of these because no matter how many coats I apply, I find that they still dry relatively fast compared to my OPI polishes or Essie's. My OPI polishes seriously take forever to dry and its rare if I don't find a smudged mark in it days later.
The color is true to bottle, which means, when its on your nails, it looks the same maybe a tad darker because the air has hit it.
I love that it has no glitter or shimmer in it because It gives it a more regal look rather than, In my opinion, sometimes when you have a polish with shimmer, it looks cheaper.
I will update with chipping throughout the week.

It has peeled after 5 days and that's with the Topcoat of Sally Hansen Diamond strength, something that I expected of course.

This last Saturday was my nephew's birthday and I wanted to share some pics....
As you can see I finally chose mahogany as the new hair color. I absolutely love it!

We all had so much fun at the party. My daughter actually has a double ear infection that she has been fighting on top of a cold. We went into the doctors 4 different times this week and after a 104 fever, they finally found the culprit. Ugghh..Sleep has been very hard these last couple of days.
It hurts her to sleep laying down, so my wonderful husband sleeps with her in the rocking chair. What a great daddy :)
How was your thanksgiving and festivity's? Did you get anything for black friday or cyber monday? I really wanted to get tons of things, but alot of our money went to the parties and bills so I'm just buying for other people's gifts.
Share below!

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  1. you have a beautiful family :) I love the revlon shade :) so pretty.


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