Wednesday, November 30, 2011

OMG!! An Albatross dupe?!

For some reason, I have been fascinated with highlighters every since I started to run low on my go-to albatross. I love to look glowy in pictures and in person without being overdone. I was loving the Loreal HIP eyeshadow pigment shadow and I didn't even notice but I think I have a dupe for NARS Albatross!!!

I know, I'm sorry for being such a freak about this but seriously, I love my NARS highlighter but I definitely don't love the cost. As you can tell with my blog, I love beauty on a budget. It's all about making it work for you and not having to spend a bundle, so that is why I'm excited to share with you, my find.

 Okay so look.
First off, yes I will still be buying NARS when I run out of it, but this is for the beauty lovers out there (which might be you?) that just hate the price but still love some action.

Okay, with that being said, here is Loreal HIP in Restless.

For some reason, I love, love, love duo chrome anything. I get excited just thinking about swatches of blushes or especially eyeshadow's that are duo chrome. I think it add such a shocking pop of color when you look once and look again and the color seems to have changed.
 Random note due to duo you guys remember when cars had the duo chrome look and they were considered super hot but now I see them no where?? WTH??
Okay, back to restless.
I loved this color and my exact thoughts were, wow, this is a dupe for albatross. 
Not so fast lady!
I opened this up and took a peek but on first application, this formula is how you would describe, chunky. As in it almost seems wet when you place your finger tip in it. Mine actually had little balls clumped inside. That was a warning sign for me just because, that meant it has more oils in it, like the MAC pigments.

When swatched, it has a very beautiful maybe even overwhelming glitter to it. It is a champagne/ buttery color. The glitter flakes in it are peachy and gold flecks that catch the sunlight perfectly. I was disappointed at the size. For some reason, I was expecting a bigger bottle? I don't know why. Maybe because I couldn't see the whole bottle because it has a cardboard packaging outside. I really liked that it came with it's own brush to apply, even though I won't use it. Its the thought that counts.
Plus, its super tiny and you can store it anywhere. :)
Next up is albatross...

If you don't know, albatross is an excellent way to go from drab to dewy with just one swipe.

So maybe its not an exact dupe, but I sure did use it for highlighting and all that. 
Albatross is more toned down and has very tiny finely milled shimmers. It is more reminiscent to a candlelight glow. It blends easier with your skin whether you apply to cheeks or use as highlighter. Restless is louder with its color, has blue undertones along with pink undertones (depends on which way you look at it). It is harder to make it seem natural and needs to be applied with a light hand. If you don't want something so obvious, then stick with albatross. I love both and will be using both for sure.

What about you, do you own any of these? How do you use them? 
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  1. I am looking for a new highlighter!! Looks super close to NARS!! love xo

  2. Today, I used it and I could'nt even tell the difference. Maybe I glowed alittle more (haha) but it was amazing that this is that close. I heard this is a dupe for MAC Vanilla pigment but cheaper. google it. Its exactly the same!


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