Thursday, November 17, 2011

New hair color advice please!!!!

Tomorrow morning I set up a appointment with a salon to color my dark dark hair. I bought this voucher through should check it out, they have AMAZING deals)which was $125.00 dollars worth of salon care for $39 bucks! Incredible right? I actually have bought so many different deals from this site ranging from Halloween costumes, pumpkin patch tickets, Jamba juice, etc.. and their customer service is the BEST! I didn't like one of the deals I had purchased and I thought it was a ripoff, I emailed customer service and they refunded the whole amount right away! That's how you keep customers. You let them know, you understand.
Okay, anyways, I bought this voucher and I wanted to save it for something special like the wedding we will be going to in May of next year because having my hair done at a salon is not something ordinary for me. Actually, come to think of it, I was last in a saolon getting my hair done, 7 years ago. Im' that old! So I'm thinking I kinda wanted a change from the norm because I am having my daughters birthday party on saturday (2 days away) and I want a more done-up look? Like I want to keep the dark hair but maybe add some ommph to it. Make it more vibrant and dimensial. I have a dilemma because I want to keep it dark, but I also like lowlights, but the kind I like, my husband thinks are super ugly. So I'm trying to decide what color to do. Keep in mind, my hair is black, my skin color is a light beige and my eyes are green. 
So as you can see, my hair is pretty long. I do want chunky highlights because thin highlights are harder to keep thin. Your whole head eventually turns into the highlight. I also don't want to go back every couple of weeks, so I was thinking, maybe underneath my main hair. Like start the highlights at the top of my ears? I wear my hair curly alot even though its pretty straight so I guess take that into account? I really don't know what I want but I do want it to complement my skin and eyes.
The color is a little brighter than regular. My eyes are this green, but the lighting looks messed up. Anyways, so I need advice ASAP! 
Some ideas I had were
Dark but maybe not so blonde for the highlights.
I like these colors, but not so stringy. More chunky
Going to bed now. Hopefully, I will get some response before I go..wish me luck! thanks in advance. also if you comment to help, please provide link if its a website so I can see it too.


  1. I really like the first picture you have of the highlights. They are chunky and I like how they are face framing so they would def. brighten up your face!

  2. Im so happy I have some feed back! Thanks Dani. I do like that one too and my husband said he would get used to it, so I def am considering that one. I think when you have colored eyes like we do, choosing the right hair color really is a big deal. I have got to admit though, Your EYES are SOO beautiful!..:)

  3. I would say if you want to add in some highlights like Carmel it would break up the dark. I have soft black hair, and I went blonde in the spring and fried my hair.. so I just went darker.. but i think your hair is pretty dark but some highlights would look pretty :)

  4. I love how the first pic looks. I think that would look super pretty on you! Love your blog. I just started following =)

    Check out mine when you get a chance =)

  5. Your eye color is gorgeous. I like the pic of the girl with the highlights, but like you mentioned, not as blonde. I have really dark hair and when I put highlights in it I went with a caramel color and it looked great. You could try something like that :)


  6. Ladies, So I actually picked a mohogany brown instead of choclate brown with highlights. He didn't want to stress my hair too much so I agreed and I will have a whole bunch of photos and such coming. Thanks for all the feedback. :)


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