Thursday, November 10, 2011

My secret Lover: NARS Albatross

It amazes me how many people don't know what the blogging world is, or what it can consist of. I was explaining to my mom the other night because she was jokingly telling me that I was always in the know of makeup, fashion and what-not. I was explaining to her that blogging, at first to me was a great idea, because I love saving money on things that originally were alot more and I give my reviews to help other people be more informed if what I just bought, is something  they would like to buy but are iffy about. I actually just won a giveaway from which is a skull dress and a MAC blush in Ambering Rose. (I haven't actually received it yet but when I do, I will do a review on it, since this is my first MAC product) I told my mom that not only does blogging give you an outlet for reviewing products, but you meet tons of sweet people and have chances to win giveaways. Also I figured since I'm a stay at home mom for now, I would put ads on my blog so maybe I could make some spare money since I don't go to work.
Anyways, since discovering blogging, I found a product that I would describe as Glow in a pan.
It is the most important staple in my makeup case.
It is hailed as one of the best highlighter in the makeup world
It is the infamous NARS Albatross. 
My First impression of this was: "wow, that is way too scary in the pan" but after I looked at tons of different swatches, I decided I wanted it. The only this was: it is pretty expensive for just one product. My birthday was coming up so I put it on my wish list. My husband (of course, because he is so loving) bought it for me and I was elated. 
Of course this is just makeup but to me, at $27 dollars, I hoped it was what I was looking for. 
 I wanted the glow that you can apply anywhere and this is it.
I can describe it as a candle light glow. 

no flash, natural sunlight
with flash indoors
 Read more for my thoughts and more photos!

It looks crazy in the pan, but when swatched, it is very sheer but build-able. I use it for my cheek tops, nose bridge, cupids bow and tear-ducts. This looks beautiful in photos and captures the shimmer perfectly.
Before I purchased a replacement for albatross, I wanted to see what other highlighters were out there because like I mentioned, Albatross is quite expensive.

I'd say the only real negative is the price. And even then, it really is worth it to buy this because it lasts ahile.  Yes, if you have a heavy hand, make sure you blow off/ tap off the extra product before applying because it can get serious fast! If you add too much, it can make you look too golden. I think highlighter should be a nice sheer layer so that it doesn't look too fake.

I really want to try:
Dior Amber Diomond- Retails at $44 dollars. Pretty expensive but It's got a lot of great reviews.
Physcians Formula is Vegas Strip- It supposedly is a dupe for the Dior highlighter, but its only $10 dollars, so I night pick that one up next.
Benifit High beam- Pearly pink with tons of shine. I WANT it!!
Stila in Kitten- Looks almost like albatross but more toned down in the pan.
There's probably more, but these are the first that come to mind. 

Do you own albatross or any that I mentioned here? Whats your favorite?


  1. Great post, I still haven't tried this but its on my wishlist

  2. I highly recommend it. In all my photos, Im wearing it. Seriously a great highlighter and its lasts a long time.

  3. I just bought albatross last week and i've been using it everyday! I love highlighters and albatross is def. one of the best! Stila ones are pretty good!

  4. I love blogging! I wish I had more time to blog more often..i get backtracked! I used to blog all the time on XANGA, and now there is so much more blogging sites! I just signed up for TUMBLR for more simple picture blogs. P.S. Always wanted to try NARS products, but too MUCH!

  5. @ kay. Isn't it so pretty? Luckily I have good skin and sometimes I just use that and no blush or foundation. I was so undecided on if I should repurchase it but after researching tons of different kinds of highlighter, I always came back to albatross. Which stila ones? I was looking at the Kitten eyeshadow that people use as a highlighter.
    @ bori, I love it too. I just started mine in the 2 months ago and I have really grown fond of it. You should at least try NARS once. First google what you really would like to try and then when you have more of an idea of what it looks like on different peoples skin tones and how they apply it...go for it! I know it expiensive but they really do last a long time. Like I used to buy covergirl perfect point all the time, but now I found one that doesn't go so fast and the application is better. It cost 1 dollar more, but think of all that money I saved on not having to buy it every 3 weeks. Ya know? I have had this highlighter for over a year now, and I still have not finished the whole thing. I love it!


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