Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and All...

I have been MIA recently because It has been so crazy here at my house. Trying to get our costumes ready for Halloween, planning my daughters first birthday and getting packing to move next weekend.
For Halloween, I really didn't plan on dressing up since last year, I just wobbled around preggo with my nephew and family on trick or treat night. This year though, for my daughter, I wanted to get into the mood by dressing up with her.
I know for women, mostly everything costumes wise is always so slutty and revealing. 
I'm sorry, but all I want to do is trick or treat with my daughter. You know? Not be mistaken for a hoe walking the street. The main ones that are not revealing are completely embarrassing. Bacon and eggs? Trash suit spider woman? No thanks.
One that came to mind was a pirate maiden! 
Seriously though, Its pretty easy to put together and doesn't have to be slutty.
We went to the Halloween store to get an eye patch and hat because I already had black pants, and a baggy white men's shirt. 
Then my wonderful husband found a whole costume for just 29 dollars. I got it because it was cheaper than the hat alone.

So I ended up being a pirate maiden and my daughter was a kitty cat. Lol. She was too cute!
When we were treating and walking she had a death grip on a piece of pizza crust. I swear, I was trying to see if she wanted some candy or m&m's and she didn't want anything but the crust
Now that Halloween's over, Im still trying to plan my daughters birthday party. I actually ordered from and I suggest NEVER ordering from there. I swear, Its been so much more hassle then its worth. Let me rant alittle....

I ordered on the 20th for express delivery so that I could have them out by the next Friday. Stamped and in their envelopes. After I entered my info and hit order, all it said was "in printing" which I was guessing meant in the works. So a couple days go by and no tracking number is emailed to me,
I email their website on the Friday that they are supposed to be there and ask if its on its way, a telephone number I can talk to someone at, something to let me know my invites are still on the way. The "person writes back"(lets just call it a she) still in the system. Should be delivered today :o(.
What the heck how professional is a frowny face at the end of a sentence to a customer.
Anyways, Saturday passes and still nothing. Sunday passes, still nothing. Mind you, I paid for $15 for express shipping. I'm emailing her everyday that they are not here, because she wouldn't give me her phone number or name asking where my prints are and I need a refund on at least my shipping because they weren't here when I paid for them to be here
. Finally, on tuesday afternoon, I emailed them and said dont send me anything. I want a refund and we wont be doing buisness. Thats when she finally replied and said they were on their way and should get here by thursday. I told them that I already placed an order through for express delivery, another $15 dollars and I just needed the refund from the Uprintinvites. She still sent the invites (grrr) and Im sure expects me to pay for them even though I emailed them before she even contacted me to tell me she shipped them out.
Ughhhh >_<
Now I have the invites and there cute but I just don't want them to get my business.
You know? She did horrible in the customer service part and now I have shutterfly coming and I dont know what Ill do. So stressed. Sorry for the rant.
This weekend we are moving to our new apartment. Its in the same building but it has two bedrooms instead of one because Olivia's stuff is taking over the entire place. Plus the new apartment has two parking spots for my husbands and I's cars and the new view overlooks downtown and the Cornado bridge. So pretty.
Anyways. That's it for now. Hopefully I will do a FOTD soon or something. Take care my pretties.


  1. Love the costumes...don't forget to invite us to the PARTY ok! hehehe

  2. Wow your daughter is so cute. Mae xx


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