Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Fun turning One!!

Lol. I swear, all my pics look like I got jay leno's chin.
I just can't believe that my daughter is 1 already!! Ahhh!!!!! :) Really though, the time had pasted so quickly that I feel like it was just yesterday that I was a wobbling, swollen Preggo mamma-to-be. I kept swearing I'd be pregnant forever because I was 1 week and 3 days past my Delivery date. My pregnancy was great. It wasn't horrible. Only the peeing every 5 minutes and sleeping at night was hell. Other than that. no complications. Anyways. I just wanted to dedicate this post to my daughter who just turned one today. I love her so much and I would do anything for her. My life was brightened the day she was born. Today, when she had to get her shots (seven of them) she cried so hard, all I could do was hold her. I felt so bad. Next time, i will tell them, I will only do 3 and we will do the others at a later date. :( . On a brighter note, Here are some pics of the party that we had on Saturday and such.
My nephew, Alexander's first birthday cake and my daughters.
We had the cupcake cake done at Albertsons and I think they did an amazing job. For 32 dollars, it buys you 40 cupcakes, way more than enough to feed my 25 guests and kids. Plus, its great to not have to cut anything and they are already pre-portioned. Haha. think outside the box right? :)
Everything went off without a hitch (is that the saying?) and we were able to have such a good time. Ordered pizza, had veggies, chips and dip, brownies, pasta salad, cookies, cheese bites and sodas. 
Here is my sister, Brianna, me, and my good friend Daisy.
P.s. My sister is wearing that skull dress I won. I forgot to take a picture, but it looked so FIERCE!!!!
We opened the presents, and my daughter was not interested.
My nephew's birthday party is this weekend so its been so crazy planning this one, and helping my sister plan hers. She really is a great sister and I'm glad she's mine!!!! :) Plus we have Thanksgiving coming up and then soon after is Christmas so tons of things going on so budgeting is a must.

How are your holidays coming along? What are your plans? Have you ever tried these awesome Albertson's cupcake cakes? Hoping you well.

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