Saturday, October 1, 2011

Steve Madden bag galore

I have loved Steve Madden Shoes for awhile. I got my first pair when I was 17 with my first pay check. I learned recently (have I been living under a rock??!) that they make purses too! I was so excited to find my first bag at TJmaxx!!
It is black with gold studs and looks sooo sheek. I loooovee Gold accents in anything. I am a gold accent kind of girl.

Read more for reviews and a different color of this bag!

I basically use this bag with everything. Unless it doesn't match, then I will switch it up. I went back a couple weeks later to exchange some shoes and I found another Steve Madden bag but in silver! How lucky could I be?!!! I was actually looking for a silver/taupe to match my chosen sandals that I always wear. AND!!!....the bag was marked down by $10.00!! So i got the first one for $39.00 and the silver one for $29.00.

 Here they are side by side. The silver bag is more of a metallic kind of silver. I almost think it makes it look cheap, but on second thought, I actually kind of like it.
 The black bag is the one that gets the most use. They have a longer strap is you don't want to hold it by the thick short handles on top.
 In all honesty, I think the silver bag would have looked better with silver studs but I still love it. The gold studs kind of clash with the color.
 The bag is medium sized. It can actually fit all my stuff plus some toys and diapers for Olivia. It gets heavy fast though.


 Inside it has a zippered pocket and two open pockets to hold a cellphone or keys. Don't mind the dirtiness.
                              The back has no details or accents besides the triangular design.
The inside with the logo. What luck! I had to get it.
I always like to look up the retail price and reviews and compare to how much i got it for. Just to make sure I got a deal and how much for. I couldn't find the bag. Even on the website. Oh well. On the tag though it said compare to $80.00. So I don't know if that was retail price or how much they would have sold it to tjmaxx customers for. 
Overall, I love this bag and it has good quality materials. The zipper is the only thing I would worry about. It seems kind of thin and cheap. Like it could break easily if i stuffed it too much. I will be careful so that I can have these for a while.

Do you own any Steve bags and if so, what do you like about them? :)
comment below.

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