Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rough Justice Pumps made for the Wild side in you

Now that fall is here and the fall fashions are coming out and about, I have noticed that animal print and bold color blocking is very popular.
 At first, I kinda thought that leopard and zebra were tacky and cheap but now? I have embraced my wild side and even plan on decorating my daughters room with zebra. I love how wild and adventurous it can be or if you prefer, calm and subtle. I have seen leopard print heels everywhere and I thought "hmm, if I owned some, what would I really be able to match with them?" I now own 2 pair of animal print pumps and literally can say I'm satisfied with my purchases.
The first animal pumps I bought were snakeskin print by Steve Madden. They are slingbacks with patent snakeskin material. I always have bought closed shoes (meaning material that surrounds the whole foot) but now I am more open to Slingbacks. You can adjust the tightness to each foot for comfort. If your like me, my right foot is slightly bigger than my left. You can't tell when Im barefoot but when I wear heels, I can feel the difference.

On to my purchase. As of late, we have been going to Tjmaxx alot.
 Basically every weekend Pablo has off. I don't know why, maybe its to just get out of the house? (haha, and spend money) Today as we were walking into the store there was a car coming behind us and I told pablo I would walk in front so I wont be out in the driving road. I went to step and he stepped on the back of my sandal and broke it! I was shocked they would break so easily!
 Not mad at him but mad at those stupid shoes. I didn't think they would break because they were Nine west and the straps look pretty thick but I bought them on clearance for 5 bucks so I guess you get what you pay for. :'(

So naturally, I needed to get some shoes ASAP because these were flopping around and I couldn't walk properly. I was browsing the aisles and since I'm here almost every weekend, I saw most of the same shoes from the other weekend. I have been eying these leopard ones but they were pretty expensive for a brand that I didn't know/had never tried before. 
At $59.99, I wasn't buying. Today when I looked at the tag it had been reduced by $20 dollars. Coming to a total of $39.99. Not bad, Not bad!

The Leopard material is a suede on the outside and leather on the inside. 
When you walk in them, they are very comfortable and seem to have padded footbed. I love that the heel is all black so that it doesn't take away from the main attraction, the leopard. The bottom is the same color as the sole and has a metal label on the bottom that says Rough Justice. I found out that these were made handcrafted in Italy! 
What a score! I was so surprised and shocked that they were marked down so drastically.
Excuse the hair on the floor. My hair is ALWAYS falling out.
I wore these home and to walk into the house. The bottom of the soles got so marked up by just walking on them, so much, that I am contemplating on buying non skid pads just to save the beautiful bottom.
All in all, it was a great buy and I'm glad I got them. 
Oh yea, the kicker is..They were retailed at $209.95. I know, I know!! LOL. okay, I'll stop bragging. If you wanted these, check out a local Tjmaxx, they might have them or even something better. 
Who knows.

Cross Vamp Sling High Platform Sandal
  • Slingback Platform
  • Italian Patent Leather
  • 4"Heel Height
  • Super Comfort Footbed
  • Handcrafted In Italy 

Or you can get them here for $209 dollars-

I am not affiliated with Tjmaxx.

 Do you own any pairs of Rough Justice? Do you like them or not?
Comment below!


  1. WOW ..what an amazing deal you got.! and I love that they are animal print.super Sexy! I don't go to TJMAx much I don't have one near by.. but now I want find one in my area
    Great post!


  2. Omg the pumps are to die for cute and such a great price!!!
    Now following!
    Check out my blog sometime!

  3. @ Lizbeth I know i sound like a sales rep but Honestly, they have amazing deals! You should check it out.
    @ amybeth So fun these heels are. I actually just wore them the other night and they were super comfortable. :)

  4. SUPER cute shoes. I need some leopard in my life!


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