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If you have been looking for makeup drawers and you loved the Acrylic drawers in Keeping up with the Kardashians, then I have no doubt, you will love these! They are waaay less expensive and they are made out of the same materials, Acrylic. I have been searching for good, sturdy, spacious ones for a while. I bought Sterlite ones a while ago because I really needed a place to put just all my extra makeup. I then started to look for the acrylic ones because I just want ones that are more visually appealing and that I can see through without the frosted look. It's also great, because it reminds you what you have so you can use it and not let it waste away :). If you look on Youtube, and type in MUJI Acrylic, you will see raving reviews on them. I've have been checking back and forth to the MUJI website because these drawers go fast!! like LIGHTING fast!! No kidding! I finally caught a day when they were back in stock and ordered 2. As a customer you are limited to two for an order. They are $25.95. That includes extra 2 dollar fee for special handling. Shipping is $9.95 (I suppose it varys upon where you live) so my purchase came to a total of $61.80.
(When I went back to check the prices the next day, lo and behold, they were all out of stock, goes to show how fast they go)
I just was rereading this and I went back to the site so I could post the dimensions, and I noticed these are becoming even more popular because the price is now $27.95, with the special handling at $4 dollars compared to my $2 dollar fee. So total new price for two is $65.85. I know that only a few bucks, but jeez! That's capitalize for you.

Just opened

Excuse my nails, i haven't had the time to take it off, so i peel it off. :(

 To be honest, I thought they were pretty small as in tiny. When I got these delivered, I thought it was a different package or maybe this box had only one and my other one was on the way. But nope! I expected something two times as big, but like they say, you get what you pay for. I was happy though that they are deep enough to hold eye shadows and blushes laying down. Above is an example of how big the drawers are in comparison to my NARS Albatross blush. No problem at all to lay it down.

 They feel pretty sturdy and are super clear. I just don't want a eyeshadow to break in here. Talk about major dusty mess. As you can see with my hand next to the drawers they are small in height.
 The drawers themselves can come all the way out so if you have tall items all you have to do is pull one drawer out and it has space above, like for your foundations and lipglosses that are fat.
Shows the depth
I didn't like that they also were not only tiny to begin with, but the drawers were pretty shallow but as long as my main stuff fits, I guess its okay.
One on top of each other
Side by side

I quickly emptied my old makeup holder and started trying to figure out the best way to fill the drawers. They are so clear and clean. I wanted to just stare at them (I'm a freak, i know)
 I can't wait to switch my items that I have in my current Sterilite drawers. I won't be able to do the whole thing because like I said, these are pretty tiny. I am pleased however with the quality and I can't wait to place them in my bathroom.
 I probably would buy more in the future. I like the look and they are pretty inexpensive.
I am in no way affiliated with MUJI or their products and I bought this with my own money.

I bought them here:

Do you own these or have been wanting them? Do you like them? Please comment below.

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