Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Balm-Vol 2 review

I've really been seeing and hearing alot about the makeup line called theBalm.
I heard they have cute packaging, quality makeup and come with several must-have palettes. I saw that a few bloggers are finding them pretty cheap at TJmaxx. I was so surprised because I didn't even know Tjmaxx carried makeup, let alone brand name make-up.
I convinced my husband to go to Tjmaxx today and just browse. Luckily there is a Gamestop next door so he went on his way. Ladies, if your man loves video games and there's a TJmaxx right next door, take advantage of the opportunity, and get out there and shop. He does what he wants, while you have fun too!
 When I entered, I walked over to Jewelry department & I casually asked the Jewelry saleswoman if they sold makeup and where I could find it. She pointed me to the bath and body area and I slowly walked over...
I mean, I have looked in that area and I have never seen anything besides Shampoo, lotions,  conditioners and perfumes. I was disappointed because I thought I would find some really cheap theBalm products. After we were all done and getting in line, I happened to look to the left of me and BAM!!!! Right in front of me, was a shelf of theBalm products.
I quickly knelt down and started looking and inspecting. Alot of the packages were open and messed with. There wasn't much variety but as I was looking, I saw an untouched stack of eyeshadow palettes. Could this be? I thought...(Im such a drama queen at storytelling). I slowly opened one and none were messed with or tampered. I was so excited because my husband was getting closer to being called and I knew I had to get something. Anyways long story short. I bought it. $16.99. Great deal.

I ultimately bought it because I was searching for a brown/gold eyeshadow forever and this one has it.
Read on for Swatches and more photos!

 As you can see, there are ones that say eyeshadow & there are ones marked eyeshadow/liner (first 5). I guess this makes sense, since its the deeper, darker colors but I dunno, Im thinking all of them could be liners if you really wanted. I fell in love with Caught in the act courtney and Makeout mary. I love the combo of brown and olive green together and since my eyes are green, it really brings them out. Devilish danielle could be used as a highlighter(i think) and I will test it out to make sure. My albatross is running pretty low so I haven't purchased a replacement but I was looking for different kinds. I wanted to buy Giella Eye M Glam, but I haven't yet. I am looking up reviews for that, because at almost 40 dollars, that's expensive for one highlighting item.

From left to right: Caught in the act Courtney, Feisty felicia, Insane jane, Bossy bobbi, Makeout mary, Just this once jaime, Mischievous marissa, Tempting tara and Devilish danielle.
 I use a flat headed eyeshadow brush when applying these to avoid major fallout. I never need a base, but if you want a darker color (more pigmented) I would suggest using one. When using a base you need less eyeshadow product to give you the color you want.

The texture of these is a very finely milled product that just glides onto your fingertips. For the darker colors, I noticed more fallout when swatching but I dont know if its because I was pressing too hard. They slide on to your skin and have alot of shimmer. There are no mattes in this palette, although theBlam does offer a palette called Meet Matte, which I would love to have. The shimmer is not too shimmery, that you wouldn't be able to see the true color in light.
It comes with no brush or applicator but it does have a full sized mirror, which I was surprised at. I don't know why, but I was. It is magnetically closed so its easy to open and its super thin packaging makes it easy to take anywhere. For all the Earth friendly chicks out there, this is legit!

As of today, (March 20, 2012) I have not even hit the pan on any of these eyeshadows. I mostly use Caught in the act courtney (which is also in the shady lady palette VOL 1), Insane jane, and Makeout mary.

Overall, I am so in love with this palette, and so far, with the brand. I'm glad that I spotted these before I got out the door. I am going to be on the lookout when we go again so I can test out the other palettes.

What do you think? Do you think I got a good deal? Do you own this palette? 
Comment below. :)


  1. Lucky! This was what I was looking for..mine didnt have it..the colors are so pretty! Great find.

  2. I know! This was the only one untouched! And I love all the different colors. You can blend to make a unquie color. I saw the blushes you got on your blog at the store too, but I have soooo many blushes that I have those colors already. so pretty though.

  3. I am definitely having a beauty-filled day as all of the blogs I am visiting today are doing beauty reviews! This is just perfect because (am I behind?) I need to go and get my fall colours! I've actually never heard of balm but these shadows look vibrant and the colours are beautiful! Only 16.99??? My TJMaxx never has cosmetics, just bath stuff but you definitely lucked out!

  4. I had never really heard of The balm until recently on the beauty blogs. I saw a chick doing a review and I even thought the packaging was cute and I figured since I shop at Tjmxx anyways might as well as try and find some balm products. Honestly though,these are so beautiful. Look for seasonal specials aorund the store that you go to. I found these right under a sign that said that. maybe you will get lucky!

  5. Your so pretty. I have been hearing about the balm to. I want to try it. Btw yes the top was from target. I got like 4 of them. My tummy isnt flat like it used to be after 2 kids so i love those tanks :) im following your blog. I love it.

  6. looks like a great palette! thanks for sharing. also, you have a beautiful family : )

  7. @ pink glam, thanks love. Also I tried looking for more of those tops because the one I have Ive had it for at least 6 months and its not bright white like before, but I can't find them. Plus they were kinda expiensive at $29.00.
    @ Galaxia Thank you for the loving comments. im so lucky. The palette is very pretty and for $16 dollars as compared to the $40 dollars, really is a steal!

  8. How lucky! Thanks for the swatches, these are gorgeous shades!:D

    ***** Marie *****
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  9. Hi Tamara, thanks for following my blog. Much appreciated! You have asked me about the Giselle Eye M Glam highlighter. Well, I do have the Nars Albatross highlighter and they are very different. The Giselle Eye M glam is a finely milled loose powder and it is slightly more shimmery than Albatross. The color is very different too, on my skin (NC15) is more of rose gold tone. I only use a tiny bit on my cheekbone and it worked well. I also use it on my eyes but definitely need a base to help it stay on. It is a gorgeous color and I'm pretty sure that this highlighter will look great on you! I'll try to post the pics on the 2 swatches asap so you can see the difference for yourself. :)


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