Friday, September 2, 2011

SARINA Bracelets. Bling Bling!

 I was shopping at Ross today and I always head straight to the shoe section. I couldn't find anything i wanted so I was about to leave when these little gems caught my eye. Beautiful little bracelets! At first I thought they were the same ones my mom bought for herself at Nordstroms but these are waaay cheaper and don't stretch. They retail for $15.00, but I got them for $4.99. What a steal because they are so beautiful. I got both the Gold and the Silver one.

More pics and thoughts here!!

They both are held together by thread and laced pretty tightly. I have never heard of Sarina jewelry and when I got home I Googled The brand and couldn't find anything on them. Usually, I try and compare how much they retail for, to how much I got them for, But I couldn't fin anything on them. Oh well, I'm still glad I got them.
Here you can see the Details. The thread is actually a Dark blue

Natural light

The back is actually cute too, I think.

I don't know what brand this is but it was Reduced in price down to 6.49.

Other side

On me
The Sarina bracelets were actually a luck find, because, if your like me, I get allergic to non gold jewelery pretty quickly so the fact that these were held together with sting, was a plus. Also the little gold and silver balls at the ends are plastic so those won't bother me either. I was kind of disappointed that these were pretty short and my fat wrists could barely connect. :(
I've lost 54 pounds so these bracelets fit me perfectly and slide up and down my wrist with room. :)

 Anyway, I think I got a good deal. They had tons more stuff but I didn't want to buy the whole counter.
What do you think? Do you like them? Have you ever been to a Ross or found something there? Comments below.

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