Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just a FYI, If you have been wanting to purchase off Jewelmint or haven't even checked it out, Its basically exactly like Shoe dazzle but for Jewelery, I have some great coupons!!!! You sign up and every month to have $29.99 charged to your credit card. That means you have one credit or you can choose an item in your showroom. If you don't want to be charged because nothing interests you or you dont have the money, go to the site and click on skip this month between the 1st and 5th of the month so that you will not be billed.
I have been wanting to get The Ever frost ring (below)
Ever Frost Ring
or the Petit Coeur Necklace. Both are 14k gold plated and I think that's awesome because if your like me, You get allergic to the fake stuff and you can't wear it for a long while. Also its always free shipping!

Petit Coeur Necklace
In no way am I affiliated with I just love the idea of great pieces, all for $29.99. With most coupons, you can get up to 50% off!
I was weary about the fact that there was no button on the website that I could click to cancel subscription. So I called the 888 number and the rep told me, you have to call in order to cancel. That kinda sucks because you have to call between Monday and Friday from 9-5pm. Just make sure you call early, I would suggest.
I might be placing an order soon. I have to sit on it.
These are the coupon codes:

EXITPOP60- First time customers only. 60% off
24HOUR50-  First Time customers only. 50% off for only 24 hours
ZOE - First time customers. 70% off  
Lauren- First time customers. 70% off

Let me know if you get anything.

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