Thursday, September 1, 2011

Jessica Simpson Cheeta-ahh

        Side view
Black Dream Nappa
OMGee, So I was browsing TJ Maxx and found these black beauties!!
 I checked the purse section, found a cute Steve Madden Bag I will be posting about later but I also found these cuuute shoes. Really though, I have been wanting Mary Jane type heels for a while so It wasn't just a out of the blue kind of thing. (haha)
I bought size 10's yesterday and I felt the were king of snug on my right foot (my left is smaller than my right) and I was thinking about it all night last night so I figured I would go back and purchase the size 11's. I know, big foot. I just didn't want to be uncomfortable wearing them, they are heels after all. Heels enough will make me uncomfortable. Anyway. I'm so glad I got them because I went home and googled how much they retail for and I got a deal!! They were $59.99. Retail price is $98.00. After I read all the reviews on them, I was convinced I got a deal. I have yet to actually wear them, seeing as how I barely ever get out of the house.

                                                                    Black Dream Nappa

Product Description:
            Make a fashion declaration with this revision to the Mary Jane from Jessica Simpson. The mix  of colors and textures is so fresh, and the towering heel and stacked platform contribute staggering   
 style. 5.2 inch heel, 1.5 inch platform.
Suede and leather upper/synthetic lining and sole.

 Above picture was taken with no flash and in my bathroom.

   Here, you can see the I guess you would call them speckles? They are little bumpy, speckles.

  The Gold liner

So I haven't really worn them yet, but the reason why I bought them, was because they were amazingly comfortable for high heels. I have to be careful when buying high heels, because they may look nice, but if they hurt after only 5 minutes in them, its such a waste of money.
 I really do think they will be one of my favorites. They are definitely pretty to look at. I will do an update when I wear them a couple times. :)

What do you guys think of these? Love or hate? Own any Jessica Simpson Shoes? 
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  1. That is a great deal!!! & I love them. I actually bought the same exact shoe to wear for my bday except they were black, red and grey. I ended up returning them though because of the price. I bought them at lord & taylor and paid $98... I wish the tjmaxx by me carried them.. enjoy them ;)

  2. I know! I was so excited. Usually I dont like paying more than about 50 bucks for my shoes unless its for athletic purporses but these were calling my name. ;) They usually have a whole bunch of different shoes and if you need and size up or down, oh well. Its a jungle st that store but mostly you find good deals.


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