Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Deux Lux-Luella love!!!

Couldn't find the right color, The dont sell these anymore on Deux Lux, and this was the best picture.

If you don't know by now, If you wanna save money on designer bags, clothes etc. all you gotta do is visit a ROSS, TJmaxx or Marshalls. Honestly though, many of the best finds, I find at these stores. You can also try Nordstroms Rack. Although, the price tends to get up there. You can save tons of money, only if your willing to put in the time to look or the disappointment if you don't find something in your size.
I'm willing to make that sacrifice (oh, what a sacrifice!) Haha. Anyways, so my husband really didn't know what to get me for my birthday this year, because he honestly buys me anything I want or need, If we have the money, So we visited our local TJmaxx. I have been looking for a brown purse for a while because brown to me, really does match with anything if you know how to style it. I saw some new arrivals but fur just isn't my taste. When I was last there I saw this Luella bag and I believe it went for about $89.00. 
Call me cheap, but really, I won't spend that much on a bag if I can buy my daughter cute clothes instead. I took a look again, just to admire it, and I saw that it had been marked down to $49.00!!
 I was so excited I wanted one in every color, But of course I didn't want to get carried away. 

 Read more for the inside photos and my review!

 The inside is a vibrant blue purple. Its a very deep color and so silky soft. That's what sold me on it. I loved the inside just as much as the outside, Does that make me weird?

 This is a close up of one of the gold accented zipper. I love gold for accents and I think it makes things look trendy and sheek.

From the top, it is pretty wide & can hold alot of things. The handle are pretty sturdy and I am confident they can hold all my things, plus more.

 Side view of the bag. Here it looks like a grey brown, when in reality, it is a dark grey brown.

The flower plant my husband bought me. He knows I would rather have a plant than bouquet any day. The plants last so much longer and you can cherish them more. This plant I learned is called a cyclamen.

 Look at the depth, in this baby! It is so spacious and roomy that I know I will great use out of it

I haven't yet used it, But I can tell you right now, I can't wait to! It has a basket woven look to it and the material is so soft. This is just the bag I need for when when we go to CT. I need a large bag but I also want to look trendy and pulled together.z

*** UPDATE*** 
I have used this bag numerous times, and it has yet to let me down. I HIGHLY recommend this brand and bag and will def be on the lookout for this brand when shopping. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
Below is a photo of my OOTD, with my Duex Lux bag, which you can view HERE!!

Product Description: (courtesy of
Retail Price: $119.00
  • Color: Brown
  • Supple basketwoven faux leather with polished gold tone hardware
  • Zip top closure with logo stamped medallion pull tag
  • Cinched sides with slip buckles
  • 17'' top handles with 7'' drop; fits snugly over shoulders
  • Adjustable 31½''-17'' shoulder strap with 18''-16'' drop; clip removable ends
  • Sateen lining with zip pocket and dual patch pockets
  • Measures approximately 21'' at widest x 13'' tall at center x 7¾'' deep; weighs 2 lbs.
The reviews for this bag was rated a 5 out of 5 so obviously, they got something right.
This bag will be able to bare alot of weight so If it gets too heavy on the two straps, you can use the longer one to put on your shoulder, like a cross body bag.

Overall, I would recommend this bag to anyone in need of a medium size bag with a touch of uniqueness and a lot of style! I'm going to use it tomorrow when we go to lunch so we will see if it can with stand all of the babies diapers, wipes, toys etc and all my make-up, wallet, phone etc.

Do you own this bag of any by this brand? Hate or love big bags like these? Comment below!


  1. Hi! I really really need that bag! do you know where to het it? :/ I cannot find it anywhere and it is super important!

    1. This is the only website I found it on. Hope it worked out for you. :)


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